The Enigma In Gold: Vol. 2 (2014 LP)



  1. I’m PJ.
  2. He
  3. Secret Love
  4. Niki Hoeky
  5. Crawling Back
  6. Mess O’ The Blues
  7. Question
  8. Mission Bell
  9. P.J. Proby Calling Van Morrison
  10. Oh! My Papa
  11. I’ve Seen And Done It All
  12. Railroaded
  13. We The Jury
  14. David and Goliath
  15. Work, Rest and Pray
  16. I Was The One
  17. The Commitment
  18. We Are One
  19. Another Goodbye Song
  20. How Great Thou Art
  21. My Christmas Card

On the second volume of ‘The Enigma In Gold’, PJ. Proby features further new renditions of some of his biggest and best loved greatest hits alongside new songs like “He” and “We Are One” which show the magnitude of his great voice!

PJ has also included for your enjoyment 10 self-written songs – three of these he notably wrote about the high profile trial that he won in 2012.