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Message started by Dave Harwood on 28th Mar, 2019 at 12:15pm

Title: Vauxhall Holiday Park March 2019
Post by Dave Harwood on 28th Mar, 2019 at 12:15pm
A fantastic weekend of 60s music ended in the best possible way with a great performance from PJ as the closing act. Coming onto the stage at 10 pm. PJ looked fit and well and kicked off with Mission Bell, followed by Lonely Weekends, Niki Hoeky, Stagger Lee, 3 steps to Heaven, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, Elvis Medley,  I'm in Love Again, Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya, I'm Coming Back, Somewhere, I Apologise, My Way and finished the show with Hold Me. PJ had been on the stage for over an hour and at the end looked exhausted but very happy.
The great surprise was the inclusion of "My Way" a song that he does not usually sing on stage. He said that the promoters of his up and coming "Farewell Tour" requested that he include it his set on the tour. So he is going to do it on the tour and  he would do it for us. It was fantastic !
I think I have listed all the songs although probably not in the correct order, sorry about that.
It was lovely to meet up again with great Proby fans, Marilyn and Jim, Billy and Margaret, Lynn and Jill.  All looking forward to the Farewell tour.
Best wishes
Dave and Wendy.

Title: Re: Vauxhall Holiday Park March 2019
Post by Ron on 2nd Apr, 2019 at 10:36am
...& now P.J.'s Farewell Tour" is completely scrapped thanks  to two evil newspaper writers (Peter Robertson & Nick Webster) putting in last Wednesdays "Daily Mirror", a 90% untrue "interview" with P.J.
   Angry Ron  >:(

Title: Cancelled tour 2019
Post by mazzajones1 on 23rd May, 2019 at 2:09pm
Today many of us fans should have been in Hastings getting ready to enjoy our show and  then at Horsham tomorrow, but because of an unscrupulous individual all our plans were ditched.
I am a great believer that what goes around comes around.
Hope P.J and the other musicians get some recompense for this situation. :D

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