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Message started by Ron on 15th Jul, 2019 at 10:19am

Title: July,2019 "Beat" magazine
Post by Ron on 15th Jul, 2019 at 10:19am
Great to see in the brand new July "Beat" magazine, my one page article about P.J. & T.J.( P.J.Proby & Tom Jones) being seen.
  I'll put it on FB later today. Hope you will all like reading it. P.J. has already seen it & he's quite pleased with it.
  It will probably be three or maybe even four parts long in the future great "Beat" magazines, coming up each month.
  P.J. & Tom often gave the impression to pop music fans that they were rivals but most of the time they were quite good pals. Lots of P.J. fans are not to keen on Tom but I actually think he's very good BUT of course P.J. is easily much,much better.A TRUE legend, who Tom kind of copied! 
   Ron  :)

Title: Re: July,2019 "Beat" magazine
Post by Ron on 15th Aug, 2019 at 10:05am
The August edition of "The Beat" magazine arrived for me a few days ago. I was bursting to see inside my second part article about the connection between P.J. & T.J. etc. Sadly part two written by me was not printed. So I rang the editor David Parker & he apologised to me for not printing part two.He explained that in the August issue he had to include a big three page article about"Woodstock-50 Years On",so he had no room for my article. But David did say that my part two episode will be in the September issue.
  I hope that happens.
     RON  :)

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