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Unreleased tracks. (Read 5132 times)
18th Feb, 2011 at 1:19pm
Barry   Ex Member

Having once again, visted PJs work on You-tube, I still wonder is it not possible,somehow, for a record company to obtain some of his unreleased tracks (of which there appear to be loads), and put them on a disc and release it ?  Im sure there are people like me, that would love to have these forgotten tracks at our finger-tips. Many have never been heard by his fans, yet alone the British public.  Just a thought.
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Reply #1 - 19th Feb, 2011 at 4:27pm

Ron   Offline
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Would be fantastic if some of these You Tube songs by P.J. could be bundled together on a CD. Naturally some of them are poor quality & not good enough to be reproduced but there are easily 12 or so great sounding tracks from the days when P.J. wrote songs & made demos of them too.Trouble is I bet to sort out all the legal ins & outs with all the U.S. record labels from 50 or so years ago & who actually owns the rights these days would be one hell of a task. Where would you start? Anyone fancy having a bash then please go for it.
    There are lots of these tracks out there on bootleg issues (mostly cassettes) from years ago but they are usually poor quality.
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